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Starting Sunday
@6pm PST 9pm EST

Join me Sunday February 23rd 2020 @ 8pm on D.C.'s Black & White (NO GRAY ZONE) Featuring electicifying topics like politics, religion, sports, entertainment, etc. Call in 323-642-1757 or you can listen online www.blogtalkradio.com/ewaterradio

D.C.ís Black & White (NO GRAY ZONE!)

D.C. is a Former Independent Professional Wrestler, has done some acting and started his own body guarding business. In addition, D.C. will discuss controversial issues like religion and politics from time to time. D.C.ís opinions will be 100% black and white, no gray zone.

Then every 2nd and 4th Sunday 8 pm PST 11 pm EST

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email dc63280@gmail.com

Call in 323-642-1757