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Non Stop Boogie

Starting Monday December 16th 2019
@6pm PST 9pm EST

Non Stop Boogie can be seen every 1st and 3rd Monday at 6 pm PST 9pm EST

Non Stop Boogie
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About DJ Sir Boogie

A combination of dope song mixes and witty interviews of industry professionals supporting other forward thinking individuals.Our mission is unifying people to EMPOWER, ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT those that realize their purpose, while striving to bring it to fruition.Affiliates are authentically tastemakers, movers, shakers, money earners and networkers

To Contact DJ Sir Jay Boogie

Professionally & Musically

DJ Sir Jay Boogie a/k/a THE BLEND KING
Mixtape / Mixshow / Tour DJ
NERVE DJ's Texas Rep

Call in 323-642-1757