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So What’s The Point?
with Destini
March.24.2019 from 8-9pm PST

Destini Williams host of brand new show
So What’s The Point?

So Whats The Point with Destini Williams On EWaterRadio

We all love our family? Right?

Of course we do! Which is why we put up with some of the craziest situation in the name of love and loyalty for family. On this weeks episodes of So Whats The Point!! We will disscuss the many dynamics of family relationships. One question that we will be discussing is how to reconnect with family after being out of touch for a number of years. Looking forward to this Sunday nights show!! Tune in Sunday Night March 3rd 2019 at 8 pm PST.

Destini Williams
Talks love, relationships, breakups, make up, and whats not whats up in relationships. Are you doing your part in your relationship? Question, do you find yourself in and out of the same bad realtionships? Lets talk all about. So lets do this! See you Sunday night 8pm!
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