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Nicole Quinlan-Lee
Are you Really Listening?

Throughout my entire life I have attracted people who I have never met who will open up to me about their lives; what they are going through, their fears, their dreams, etc. This is important. A stranger confiding in you when they are feeling weakness in their mind, body, or soul. Wow! I understand the tremendous responsibility of being a person who can listen and not judge; therefore it is a must that I continuously work on my listening skills. This week I have been making an intentional effort to not just listen when people were talking to me, but to really hear the words they were speaking and the message they were trying to express. I'm talking about listening and not interrupting. Listening and focusing on what the person is saying and not what I feel about what is being said or what my response is going to be. It's hard, but it is important. Last week I asked you to audit your life. I asked you to make an honest attempt to identify the things you feel need to be done in your life in order for you to walk in your greatness. As I practiced effective listening this week it dawned on me that last Sunday I was asking you to listen to your inner self so you could make honest decisions about your level of happiness and what you need to do in order to improve it. But how can we do that if we do not have the ability to effectively listen? It is our nature as humans to judge and who do we judge worse than anyone? Ourselves. I hope that you were able to start your list this week (refer to last weeks blog entry ), but I think there is a detour that needs to be made as you look within to identify your happiness goals. That detour is acknowledging if you are effectively listening to yourself. Are you listening to yourself without judging? I know I have all kind of back talk going on in my head when I am self-auditing . Are you listening with honest intentions? Sometimes acknowledging the honest truth about ourselves is tough . Are you acknowledging how you feel in the moment? I don't know about you, but I'm good at making excuses about why I should or should not feel how I feel . These and many other factors affect our ability to effectively listen to ourselves. This week the challenge is to practice effectively listening to yourself and to others. I guarantee the results will be insightful. Continue to self-audit and write down the things you feel you need to do in order to walk in your greatness. How you feel about you effects every part of your life. Project You is real and is important. Just like we make plans for and work on other things in our lives, it is important to make a plan and work on ourselves. Instagram: @phenomenallyyoupodcast