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"Your blog is very inspirational and encouraging for all ages. It is something I needed to hear, do I may walk in my greatness"
Love, Your mom

"Had to pull over to read this. All facts . The number one lesson in self love and growth is FORGIVENESS, more importantly forgiving ones self. You can not move into light until you forgive yourself for what you did in darkness when you didn't know better. Proud of you my friend. Love everything stated"

"This is a really good one!! That accountability and knowledge of self. Man!! We all make mistakes or travel some unconventional paths, but as you said: that's okay too!"

On point nicole, my favorite lines..."The fact is who we each are is a result of the experiences in our lives. The good, the bad, the ugly. This has molded us on who we are today, I'd have to say we are all damn GREAT. different, with different stories, with different greatness!! stef I agree, forgive (its a work in progress) so 1 can move past "lighten up brighten up" that's what I say

So motivational and empoweringglad to have you on my team

I had to learn this the hard way in my adult years, even though I never got that award as a child. Pushing thru add times when we need rest ,to some extent, can be a form of self neglect or self sabotage and down right self instilled abuse. It's important we listen to our bodies. The only situation I will psuh thru for now is one that directly impacts me, meaning my own business or my family. No more working when sick, that is a huge sign that your body needs repair. If we continue to ignore signs our body is telling us it can lead to irreversible health conditions mentally , physically and emotionally. Hence the term GOING POSTAL. GREAT READ per usual my friend 

Couldn't agree more. I think we are born to live, and living entails losing and winning. We are born to love and loving entails winning and losing. Always hate when ppl say why me? when things go wrong, and I think why not you? Because it is life! Life involves highs and lows. If we only won we would never change for the better. Look at ppl who get caught for things done in the dark that led them to win, to become rich or cheat then when the truth came out as to how they were "winning", they then lost. Is is during the loss that we self reflect and change for the better. It is during the Loss that those people became better. So yes we are born to lose because in losing we learn to appreciate the win, we learn how to be better , we learn how to help others be better and that makes us a winner . GREAT TOPIC Sis 

This is very moving. I too felt this last week in NYC. I felt so bad as people were sleeping on the sidewalks on every city block. I kept hoping I would find a person that was awake so I could buy them something to eat but it was 1 in the morning and every single one was asleep. I did not want to disturb anyone but I wish I did
Nicole Quinlan-Lee
at 8:00 pm PST

Phenomenally You is a forum that offers positive, empowering, and insightful conversation. Host, Nicole Quinlan-Lee's goal is to inspire people to self-audit in order to accept, appreciate, and love themseves, which she believes enables you to choose happiness in life. Whether Nicole is presenting a topic live or uploaded a show, she guarantees the topics will be relatable and inspire the listener to start a journey rooted in self-care and self-love.


It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

I chose a beautiful vibrant orange when I was getting my nails done yesterday. It caught me a little off guard when the gentleman doing my nails asked me if my job was going to be okay with the color. I did not answer him immediately. I just stared at him in silence (blink…blink). In a split second so many things ran through my mind. “There are jobs that bright orange long nails would not be suited for Nicole; like a nurse or some one who cares for children. A longshoreman. Okay, I get why he may ask such a question, I thought to myself”. After what seemed like a minute, but was only a couple of seconds, I replied “Yes, I wear what color I want on my nails”. That was the end of the dialogue, but his question got me to thinking about how common it is for people to formulate an idea of who you are based on superficial things like the color or length of your nails, a hairstyle, or the type of clothes you choose to wear. Throughout my life I have had people ask me why I am wearing a particle outfit, shoes, or hairstyle. “Why do you wear heels all the time?” You know, you should wear something less fitted.” “Are you going to wear your hair braided to that function?” Not that I owe anyone an explanation, but because I want to. I like the way these pants fit on me and I wear my hair how I want. In my podcast last Tuesday there is a part where I talk about Serena Williams and the unnecessary judgement she has been confronted with throughout her career regarding how she wore her hair and the tennis outfits she has chosen to compete in. Recently a young swimmer who won a race was disqualified for the fit of her swimsuit. Both athletes, at the top of their game, penalized because of something that has absolutely nothing to do with their athletic ability. It is unfortunate but these are only two of too many incidences of this nature. Every day individuals are confronted with judgments rooted in biases in their workplace and daily lives that have no bearing on their ability to do their job, their intellectual level, or if they are good or bad people. Incidences like this should trigger something in your mind that makes you wonder why are things like this happening. The questions are rooted in conformity and the perception of what success, intelligence, and beauty have been rooted in for generations. The reality is for too long standards that are deemed to represent beauty, intelligence and success are rooted in a Eurocentric belief system. There are generations of people who have been conditioned to suppress their likes for the sake of not being deemed as a person who lacks couth, is unemployable, unintelligent, or unattractive because what they like did not align with the majority. There are also generations of people who have been conditioned to harshly judge what does not align with their ideals of intelligence, beauty and success. Think about how many times you have chosen not to wear your hair a certain way or worn a specific outfit you know was not what you usually would wear or even like, but you were worried about the response it would get. Think about how many times you have assumed something about someone because of their outer appearance without factual information. These are real concerns because biases and judgement are real and have real consequences. There is a lot of work to be done to reduce the ideas and practices that promote the inauthenticity of self. Is how you wear your hair or the color of your nails a representation of your intelligence? Because you prefer jeans over a business suit does it mean you are a less reliable or efficient employee? No. It is up to each of us to acknowledge our biases in order to change the idea that what is not familiar is wrong. Are you the one being judged or the one who is judging? I believe at one time or another we take on both roles, which is why is it everyone’s responsibility to live their lives in a manner that makes quotes like “It’s what’s inside that counts the most” ring true.