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Hello Everyone!! I was hoping to go live on 11/17/2020; however my guest cannot make it tomorrow. I was going to wing it and talk about anything, but then I started thinking about the state of mind a lot of people are in right now which made me think about my last live broadcast. I am not exaggerating when I tell you it transformed me. Queen Theresa was my guest and when I say she blessed my soul, it is an understatement. i know I am always posting things that I feel encourage each of us to walk in out greatness, but as I have stated before, walking in our greatness does not mean we are immune to the things going on in the world. The current social climate is very stressful for many. I invite you to login tomorrow night at 8pm, hit play, and take in every word the Queen is speaking. I guarantee her words wil calm your body, mind, and spirit. I encourage you to continue to walk in your greatness and choose purposeful happiness. It is definitely no always easy, but it is always necessary. Tell your friends, tell your momma, tell everyone!!!!

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