Abbi Lopez

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Abbi Lopez
Picking up my first Polaroid camera at the age of 10, little did I know that God had given me the gift to capture a moment in time. In a world where time never stops or slows down for anyone, I recognized at a young age that I had the gift to capture a moment and make it last a lifetime.
This journey has not only been a pleasure, but a love of mine. To be given the opportunity to incorporate my love for photography and music is such a humbling experience for me. Being able to explore my dreams is something that I only dreamed of.

Joining E Water Radio is such an exciting chapter in my life, and a realization that dreams do come true. As a 31 year old single mother of two boys, I find myself now going full force into this new journey in my life. I constantly tell my boys to chase their dreams, that they can be whatever they want to be, yet I was standing still on my own dreams. I am a firm believer that actions speak louder than words, and I strive to be an example of that for my boys. I want my boys to understand that even when life gets in the way, you keep on going and never stop believing in your dreams.

Abbi can be reached on
Instagram _abbi