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The Miss Tami TKO Radio Show
@7pm PST and 10pm EST

Every 1st and 3rd 7:00 pm PST to 8:00 pm PST

Join me this Thursday, February 20, 2020 at 7pm PST and 10pm EST for Miss Tami's TKO Radio Show.
I will be having a conversation with Tracey Marashlian of GOFITNOW. We will be talking about her exercise and fitness program model and her philosophy on health and fitness.

Please tune in this Thursday, February 20th at 7pm PST and 10pm EST on EWater Radio: www.blogtalkradio.com/ewaterradio For updates, past episodes, and my Nutrition and Health Blog, please visit: http://www.ewaterradio.net/tami.htm
You can also listen to past episodes through access of Apple TV, Roku, Android, and Fire TV Live at: http://www.lightcast.com/roku/channels/1872/mystique-entertainment/
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The Miss Tami TKO Show's main focus is Sports, Nutrition and Health related subjects. Join Miss Tami every 1st and 3rd Thursday at 7:00 pm PST

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