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Talkin' With Trevor

@7pm PST 10 pm EST

Talkin With TrevorNovember 14th at 7p.m. join Talkin' With Trevor where we will discuss the events affecting our community. Fun, sacrcastic and informational for audiences with discerning tastes. On your mobile device: Call-in (323) 642-1757. For updates go to ewaterradio.net
Topic: How Much Information Should You Know Before Starting A Relationship
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About Trevor

Trevor Doyle is a medical professional with over 20 years experience teaching and training students. Father of 2, I enjoy reading, writing, and playing (poorly) the drums and bass guitar. I love to laugh and have a sardonic wit. If you are afraid of the answer, don't ask the question!

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Email tlkinwithtrevor@gmail.com
Call in 323-642-1757
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