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This week, The Words On Flicks Show is pleased to welcome a very, very special guest: Mr. Geoffrey Owens!

Since graduating cum laude from Yale University, Geoffrey Owens has built a distinguished career as an actor, director and teacher in theater, television and film. He recently appeared on Broadway in Romeo and Juliet(with Orlando Bloom). On film, he has appeared in Wilde Salome (directed by Al Pacino), Stonebrook (with Seth Green), The Paper (directed by Ron Howard), Play the Game (with Andy Griffith), and Dreams. He will also appear in the soon-to-be-released Youth in Oregon (with Frank Langella). He also has numerous TV credits and has just joined the cast of (Future) Cult Classic; you will remember him, of course, from The Cosby Show.

Tune in as host Janine Coveney chats with Geoffreyabout his career, movie influences, industry observances, the Trader Joe’s incident, his SAG Awards appearance, and more. E-Water Radio Presents The Words on Flicks Show Hosted by Janine Coveney Thursday, March 21, 2019 6 – 7 pm PST/ 9 – 10 pm EST

Janine Coveney is a veteran entertainment journalist who has written for Essence, Billboard, Launch, the EURWeb and more. While she’s written mostly about music, she is a big film fan. You can read her movie reviews at wordsonflicks.blogspot.com

The Words On Flicks Show is a celebration of everything on the big screen: new releases, movie classics, favorite actors, soundtracks, film history and more from a fan’s perspective, with special guests. And don’t miss the “Popcorn Pick,” our best movie bet for the weekend.