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Nicole Quinlan-Lee
Tuesdays from 8pm to 9pm (PST)


Phenomenally You is your home for positive, empowering, & insightful conversation. Log on this evening at www.blogtakradio.com/ewaterradio or Call in at 323-642-1757 

Tuesdays,from 8pm to 9pm (PST). You can call in to listen at 323-642-1757, or you can login at www.blogtakradio.com/ewaterradio.

Remember walking in your greatness does not equate to an attempt at being perfect. NOPE! It is an attempt to live your life as authentically as possible. It is an attempt to love all things you. I personally believe when you are able to do some of these things it enables you to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. Live Chat Comments